What Falls Away Is Always

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Minnesota Book Award-winning poet Richard Terrill is back with a new collection of poetic “conversations” with the work and wisdom of Walt Whitman, Diane Arbus, Miles Davis, Groucho Marx, and more. Tai qi, classic movies, environmental angst, and the inexorable passage of time are among the subjects the poems consider–along with Terrill’s signature subject, music, especially the blue nights and blue notes of jazz.

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ISBN 978-1513645636



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It’s in the rooms of this house Terrill has built that I find it possible to see myself as well, which is what great poetry does.

Michael Torres
National Poetry Series Winner

The collection ends on a tour de force sequence of poems, forging a compelling understanding of jazz and music with a juxtaposition to living our lives inside our lives.

Alberto Rios, Chancellor,
Academy of American Poets
Arizona Poet Laureate

A smart and savvy book, with moments when the roof lifts a little with revelation. You never know when it’s going to happen, but if you just lean back in your chair and listen, he’ll tell something “so beautiful /you’ll miss your train.” 

Joyce Sutphen
Minnesota Poet Laureate

Sample Poems from What Falls Away Is Always:

Dear Future

The Lake

Three Poems

Miles Davis Plays “Stella by Starlight”

The New Poetry


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